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USAF"On the behalf of the men and women of the Joint Base Police Department, 87th Security Forces Squadron. . . I would like to extend  a  sincere thanks for the time, combat-proven skills and dedication that you have unselfishly bestowed on the following courses:  (1) Terror and Active Shooter Attack Intervention; (2) Aircraft Assault and Takeover; (3) IKMA Israeli Krav Maga Instructor Course; n  (4) RAVEN Krav Maga

I have met with dozens of Tactical/Combatives Trainers trying to produce this, but you were the only team with an IDF Special Operations background . . . This was money well spent because I cannot put a price on the lives of my Airmen, Sailors and Police Officers!  A stellar referral from the NJSP Director himself put you over the top!  Thank you!

David A. Haigh, Major, USAF March 24, 2015

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usmc"I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful opportunity you provided to the ladies at MCAS Iwakuni (Japan). It was great to attend a class where we were taught easy to follow, easy to remember methods for self-defense. . . I know several of the attendees commented on how much they liked the techniques . . . and how although they hope they never had to use them, just having the knowledge you provided made them feel much better."

Lou Genzer March 24, 2015

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njpo“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the New Jersey State Police Academy and conduct a weapon retention seminar for our SWAT Team Troopers. The Krav Maga techniques that were taught were easily learned and very effective. . .The proven techniques of Krav Maga provide any police officer with the most effective means possible to fend off an attacker and retain their weapon. . . Your knowledge, skill and personality create a great learning environment for even the most hardcore Troopers in the New Jersey State Police. . . .We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and the Israeli Krav Maga Association.

Trooper I. Paul Miller 4476 March 24, 2015

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usmc"Your training and skills greatly assisted our Marines by allowing them to successfully learn a valuable combat skill set that will continue to serve the Marines for the remainder of their careers and enhance their warrior ethos.  It is with the utmost pleasure that I express to you my personal gratitude and appreciated for a job well done!"

Major M.K. Jeron March 24, 2015

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armyPlease accept my gratitude for being invited to the Israeli Tactical Shooting & Counter-Terrorism Course that you organized for 23 Apr 04 at Sandy Hook Armory. The techniques and tactics taught were definitely applicable to what TACOPS, ACTNY are involved in on a daily basis. Most of the procedures shown were close encounters and that is the reality of the environment we work in. The hallway movements, room entries, and team movements closely duplicated a vessel search. . . The pivoting from one target to the next, shooting while running and in the prone position are all valid training tools for a real encounter. We utilize long guns as well as personal defense weapons and the instructor covered close quarter battle (CQB) drills for all weapons. Please accept my thanks once again for this course and keep me in mind for future seminars of this nature.

George W.Casey March 24, 2015

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fbiTwo Special Agents under my supervision had an opportunity to attend your Course entitled Israeli Counter-Terror Methods and High Risk Entry. Both agents found the training to be conducted in a professional manner and the content to have real world practical applications. I would like to thank you for making this training available to our agency and look forward to future offerings from your organization.”

William Evanina March 24, 2015

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njpo“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for opening your facility and sharing your expertise in Israeli Krav Maga with members of the New Jersey State Police, Executive Protection Unit. The simplicity of the moves, coupled with the effectiveness of the techniques, makes this training curriculum useful in real world situations. I particularly liked the disarming training and simultaneous ‘block and strike’ techniques utilized . . . Israeli Krav Maga has further prepared the New Jersey State Police, Executive Protection Unit, in achieving our mission . . .”

Lt. Frank Maimone March 24, 2015

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njpo“On behalf of the New Jersey State Police, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for providing the Israeli Tactical Combat & Counter-Terrorism Course . . . The New Jersey State Police and law-abiding citizenry of this state commend you for assisting law enforcement in a manner that can only be described as exemplary. Please be assured that the New Jersey State Police appreciate your assistance and commend you on providing this worthwhile training.”


William M. Toms, Captain March 24, 2015

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njpoliceTo: David Kahn
From: Mercer County Police Academy Class 01-07
Date: June 6, 2007
Re: Appreciation for Your Instruction

On behalf of the first class of the Mercer County Police Academy we would like to extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude for the training session you hosted on May 31, 2007. We have been studying defensive tactics throughout our entire time at the academy, but nothing is as impressive or seemed as effective and the Israeli Krav Maga techniques you taught us.

We have had some exposure to Israeli Krav Maga through some of our instructors, who are students at your school. The difference in seeing what this discipline can do by someone who has mastered it was beyond impressive. Your style of teaching was as impressive and just as effective as your craft: quick, meaningful, and to the point. You showed us exactly what we needed to do, and your vigilance while instructing allowed you to step in and quickly adjust and correct any problems we were experiencing.

The opportunity to benefit from your instruction will be remembered as one of the most fortunate experiences in our academy. We feel these tactics can truly make the difference between life and death in a dangerous encounter. The only downside is that we found we did not have more time to learn from you. We hope that future classes will be fortunate enough to benefit from your instruction and that other academies will follow suite in an effort to provide the best possible training to the law enforcement officers in this state.

We again thank you for the opportunity to benefit from your impressive instruction and comprehensive introduction to Israeli Krav Maga.

P.Altobelli, R. Herbe, S.Laszcyk, K. Stokes, E. Biddy, R. Hoy, M. Pitts, J. Winfield March 24, 2015

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USAF"I wanted to seize this opportunity to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Stewart Air National Guard Base and train my Security Forces . . . Our new mission will require my people to operate and patrol outside the wire in hostile and dangerous environments and the training and techniques you taught them may someday save their lives or the lives of their fellow Wingmen. We have incorporated the techniques you shared with us into our own training and we have seen a remarkable increase in our members training proficiency. It was definitely the right decision to have you come and train my members. Once again my heartfelt appreciation for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us and increasing our likelihood of surviving a situation with the enemy in our future missions."


John J. Chianese, Lt. Col. NYANG March 24, 2015

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army"In appreciation for your outstanding Support to the 1st Battalion 309th Regiment.  Your krav maga instruction significantly enhanced the soldiers' knowledge of hand to hand combat, weapons defense, straight edge and firearms combat, and defense fighting techniques.  Your efforts and dedication reflects distinct credit upon yourself and the Israeli Krav Maga Association."

Peter R. Mucciarone March 24, 2015

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army“I am writing this letter in reference to the outstanding training conducted by you and the entire staff of Hammerhead on 7, 8, November 2004 at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The tactical training given was professional, thorough, and proved essential to officer safety. . . Your Krav Maga tactics were second to none and your level of instruction was intense.”

Petty Officer Kevin A. Colon March 24, 2015

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usms“The United States Marshal Service and the entire Law Enforcement Community has a great friend in Instructor David Kahn. The Krav Maga System is a no nonsense self defense system that deals with threats at all levels. . . . I could not recommend a more qualified instructor. The Krav Maga is the ultimate training course that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Lori M. Bell March 24, 2015

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njpo“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing your expert instruction during the Israeli Krav Maga Defensive Tactics Course hosted by the Firearms/Self-Defense Training Unit, Training Bureau, at the NJSP Academy, Sea Girt, NJ . . . Israeli Krav Maga martial arts form is a . . .cutting edge system geared to ending confrontations in an efficient manner while limiting collateral damage to the trooper and innocent bystanders. Again, I would like to thank you for providing this critical instruction to our troopers, and I know the Academy Staff is looking forward to working with you in the future . . .”

(Col) Joseph Fuentes March 24, 2015

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USCG“Your professionalism and motivation were most inspiring and clearly showed in all facets of training. Having attended various self-defense and weapons retention courses I can say without reservation that the techniques you taught are superior to anything I have learned. . . The tactics learned are essential in officer survival and situational awareness and taught those trained how to detect a confrontation and avoid a worsening situation. I firmly believe that your system should be incorporated into Homeland Security training including our training plan and all officers taught the benefit of Israeli krav maga.”

Officer Mark A. Hanafee March 24, 2015

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fbiI had the awesome experience recently, along with several other Special Agents of the Detroit FBI, of participating in a Krav Maga session with Hammerhead Ops. As a Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Detroit Field Division, I had skepticism about the program due to its reputation as a style too aggressive for the needs of law enforcement. I was soon shown otherwise. David Kahn and Rick Blitstein are well versed on the needs of the modern day law enforcement officer, and are attuned to issues related to liability, applicability, and simplicity. In fact, the entire concept of Krav Maga is based upon simplicity. Knowing most officers and departments are not in a position to train regularly or rigorously enough to master complicated systems, Dave and Rick have successfully adapted key techniques of weapon retention, weapon take-away, control techniques, and personal weapons. I believe most officers can come away with sufficient skill to apply these techniques in just a four-hour session.

I was particularly impressed with the concept of “Retzev.” Retzev refers to continuous offensive strikes, combined simultaneously with defensive moves. This is an important consideration for officers because it quickly transitions the officer into a position of control. As a situation rapidly deteriorates into one of non-compliance, the officer is now faced with issues of weapon retention, unfriendly environments, and possible third party interventions. He or she is forced to resolve the matter quickly. Little time exists for punch, block, counter-punch tactics. Mastering, or at least being familiar with Retzev is a great advantage. It is quite different from standard defensive tactics currently being employed . . . Rick and Dave have great enthusiasm and relate comfortably with law enforcement personnel because they have taken the time to know and understand their needs. They do not showboat with theatrics, nor do they condescend. They address real life issues and keep abreast of changes in the law as it relates to use of force and police brutality. They recognize the need to take a fighting system as effective as Krav Maga and modify it to meet law enforcement requirements. They recognize the differences in physical abilities of officers. They understand that to be effective, the techniques must be user friendly and the skills must be sustainable without having to be drilled weekly. It is apparent that these factors were foremost in their minds when they set up our session.

Hammerhead Ops has brought an already top notch fighting system to another level, a level all law enforcement should be pursuing for the safety of its officers and the citizens.

John E. Ouellet March 24, 2015

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usmc"David Kahn and his associate instructors were professionals who took the mission accomplishment and instruction to a whole new level. I have been doing martial arts over 22 years and honestly say that Krav Maga is the single most effective fighting system . . .Krav Maga allows both armed and unarmed combat to flow from the same basic instinctual movements making it perfect for the military, law enforcement professional, or the professional house wife. Krav Maga is a simple system with brutal effectivness. I would recommend David Kahn and this program to . . . any organization looking for a time and cost effective program."

T.J. Ardese, Lt. Col. March 24, 2015