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Hi Don,
~ wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a well taught, highly informative session yesterday. I got so much  out of just one session alone feeling even a bit empowered.

Last night as my son started his usual sparring session on me (keep in mind he is 10, 90lbs, solid) out of nowhere came the L-Block grab of the wrist & hand to his cheek, lol. He said "Mommy!!!" I said told you Noah...I might be surprising you a lot from now on, lol.

Thank you again.

Look forward to training with you. See you next week.


Gretchen Cherry Hill Training Center April 25, 2015

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I'm copying Don on this reply to thank him for training us on Tuesday evening this week.  I was in New Jersey as a riding coach with the California Superbike School and brought a fellow coach who has not previously trained in Krav Maga.  Don was very welcoming and he trained us in a logical fashion, making it easy to memorize and duplicate sequences.  My fellow coach, Connor, was very enthusiastic about Krav Maga after the exposure he received that evening.

It was interesting for me to see the similarities and differences in both techniques and training methods between your school and the branch of the KMWW school at which I train in California.  Not surprisingly, the principles are the same and some of the details are different.

For example, Don trained us in stick defenses the night we were there.  In the end, we drilled one defense that covered four different attacks, from three different angles.  KMWW has two different redirects; one to cover an overhead attack and the other to cover a sideways swing.  The beauty of your approach is in the simplicity of having one broadly applicable technique that reduces the number of decisions the defender must make.  The disarm in your approach is also simpler.

Don was a great host and you were right in saying we would be in good hands with him.  If I am in the area again, I would certainly take the opportunity to spend another evening at your school.

Thanks to you both.


AB Bordentown Training Center April 26, 2015

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Thank you for making Mastering Krav Maga. They are, by far, the best DVD's I have ever purchased. You are an awesome instructor and I hope that I will be able to train with you someday.

I'm currently a Krav Maga Worlwide student, but your system seems miles ahead of what I'm learning now.

Thank you again for the outstanding books and DVD’s.

DR April 26, 2015

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I am a 55-year-old nurse and was first drawn to Krav Maga to have my adult daughters learn self-defense. We attended a Woman’s seminar and my oldest daughter and I have been hooked since.

Krav Maga training not only gives you a sense of empowerment, but it is also a phenomenal program. I have lost weight and inches. The benefits are not only toning, but also a great cardiovascular workout.

I personally needed to know I could defend myself in a volatile situation. After just 2 months of training, I have no doubt I can!

My sincere thanks to Don, Abel and Chris for your patience and expertise.


EG Cherry Hill Training Center April 26, 2015

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I was interested in Krav Maga as a way to increase my sense of security. As a woman who lived and worked (until recently) in Philadelphia, I often had to walk through somewhat desolate areas at night. I hated the feeling of defenselessness.

I studied Tang-Soo-Do for a number of years and loved it, but I particularly like Krav Maga's directness—every move has a purpose. You learn effective techniques for defending yourself from the very first class.

While I haven't studied Krav Maga for very long (yet), I am driven and motivated by it, and already feel even more confident about my ability to defend myself. The classes are not intimidating for women to join. In fact, both the students and instructors are very welcoming and friendly, as well as encouraging. The instructors are amazing at what they do, and it's wonderful to be a part of.


NS April 26, 2015

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Something new I do want to share...While Krav Maga has captivated me in a way I never expected, it is much more about people than martial arts. As my first teacher, Abel, your smartly crafted classes and emphasis on detail, practicality (and fun =) drew me in. Don, your consistency and presence, always there to break things down for me, reteach (again and again!), so quick to give words of encouragement. I have no doubt that without both of you, I wouldn't have continued to train past that first month and have developed a passion for Krav.

It is wonderful training with such a diverse group of students - it's such a pleasure to get to know people I would probably not closely interact with, otherwise. As a girl, being among the brotherhood is an adjustment, but it has been very nice to feel included and generally accepted. Almost all of the men we train with treat the other ladies and me with the utmost respect and civility. Each class I look forward to being challenged from you and the other instructors and to training with my Krav family.


JF April 26, 2015

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Recently, my daughter and I took a trip out of the country. Our reason for traveling was to visit a close friend and to attend a birthday party which was being held at a night club. The night of the party, we knew that we would be meeting a lot of people…some we were introduced to and some approached us to introduce themselves. This proved to be overwhelming at times, as the club was very loud and dark.

When talking to people, you had to be very close to hear them. This being said, I encountered a guy who seemed to keep reintroducing himself to me and watching me throughout the night.   It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

Towards the end of the night, I was standing away from the crowd and he approached me again. This time, he leaned in really close and started talking in my ear, saying very inappropriate and suggestive things. Then, before I knew it, he was kissing my neck and ear. I just wanted him to stop, so I grabbed his arm and with my other hand, bent his hand in and back, until his shoulder jolted back and he stopped. He looked at me and said “so it’s like that!” I said “yes”, pushed him and walked away.

Before training with Krav Maga, I don’t think that I would have known how to stop him so quickly and quietly. He was a family member of the friend we were visiting, so it was important to me not to make a scene.

I am very thankful that I had the knowledge to protect myself.


DVB April 26, 2015

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Today at the JCC a man attempted to assault a woman in the Ladies Locker room. When she started screaming, he attempted to run. I was walking out of the mens locker room when a women pointed at the running man, who was zipping up his fly while trying to run away, and told me that he was just in the mens bathroom. Instinctively I chased after the man who was attempting to use the elevator to escape the scene. When I stopped the door from closing, I stood in the elevator and questioned him until personal trainers took over so I could go behind the desk and call the police. The cops came and arrested the man, and I had to make an official statement to the Police.

The woman who told me what the man was doing wasn't found, as she left the building and didn't say anything. Talk about the bystander effect. I was told that if I hadn't stopped the man, no one would have been able to identify him due to him joining the gym literally the day before.

I have to admit that if I hadn't been trained so rigorously and given the confidence in my own abilities, I don't think I could have chased the man down and corner him.  Also if it makes you feel better, I was wearing a Krav Maga shirt and hoodie and told the people who had called me "Brave" that it was because of my Krav training that I reacted without thinking to detain the man.


B.K. Cherry Hill Training Center April 25, 2015

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I am a college student and have trained in Krav Maga for just a couple of years. One weekend night at a local bar near my university, I was approached by a much larger and heavily intoxicated patron in the bathroom, demanding that I apologize for my earlier actions.  This was an obvious case of mistaken of identity, as I had no idea who this person was. I attempted to explain this to the irate individual.

As the de-escalation tactic proved to be unsuccessful, I attempted to leave the situation.  Upon my exit from the bathroom, I found myself cornered and under immediate threat from the patron who I first met in the bathroom, as well as two of his friends.  After physical threat was not only alluded to by their posture and verbal communication, but the drunken patron placing his hands on me, I felt I had no option but to defend myself.

With a fast right elbow to the face, I incapacitated the originally aggressor and was able to use his dazed body as a barrier from the other two thugs attacks.  By utilizing Krav Kaga’s body control techniques, I was able to make an appropriately aggressive, yet controlled exit from the establishment, while avoiding being hit with strikes and blows from the out of control individuals.

While I was disappointed that a physical altercation arose, I was extremely lucky to have made it out safe and unharmed. I would not have been able to of done so without the proper physical defense teaching of Israeli Krav Maga.


CW Cherry Hill Training Center April 26, 2015

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I had a co-worker that took Krav Maga some years ago. He would always talk about Krav Maga while also showing me some of the moves. I never really believed that it was that effective, but I guess a lot of that stemmed from the fact that my co-worker just didn’t seem that tough. Flash forward 3 years, my son wanted to try out Krav Maga and coincidently I just happened to be driving down Springdale road one day and saw the sign for Israeli Krav Maga. I immediately gave Don a call and came in to watch a class, as I have always been interested in anything “martial” having taken various other martial arts and boxing in my youth.

To be honest I just wanted to get back into some form of martial art again. After five minutes of watching the class it became very apparent to me that Israeli Krav Maga was not just another form of martial art, it was a very effective form of self defense. My class was taught by Rinaldo Rossi and it became transparently clear to me that I was going to love training in Krav. Most of my early training was conducted by Don Melnick as I felt very comfortable with his level of expertise. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and I have learned so much from all of them. In October of 2011 I went through the instructor course and am now a certified Krav Maga instructor and I have to say I owe it all to the wonderful instruction I received from Don Melnick, Rinaldo Rossi, David and Abel Kahn, Chris Eckel and others.

To this day I do not train fully for the self-defense aspect of Krav Maga but more for the martial art aspect, with the side benefit of knowing that I can now handle myself in any dire or life threatening situation. I have always considered myself to be a confident person able to handle myself in a dire situation but after my almost two years of training I’ve come to realize that I was never as confident as I am right now. I feel absolutely confident that if I or someone close to me is attacked I will be able to make a safe and effective defense and make it away safely. This is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


DP April 26, 2015

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I have been interested in martial arts since my childhood. When growing up in Russia, I had endured anti-Semitic taunts and physical altercations. Having been small in size, I had to learn to fight on pure adrenalin, until I was able to start taking karate, and after immigrating to the USA in 1981- taekwondo.

I received my black belt in taekwondo in 1985 at the age of 23, and I wish I had known about Krav Maga back then. While being a fairly good competitor, having won a number of awards, I now realize that I still lacked skills to defend myself on a street, where scoring a point was not important.

I learned about Krav Maga on my trips to Israel a few years back, and by chance I saw it being offered in Cherry Hill and immediately signed up. I found this to be an extraordinary powerful tool, building skill, endurance, leading to confidence and knowledge that you can stand your ground in an altercation, even against several opponents. Lessons in defense against a stick, a choke, even against a knife or a gun are extremely exciting and rewarding.

I like classes by all instructors, because while the atmosphere is relaxed and humorous, it is also friendly and inviting.

I highly recommend anyone to join, if you are looking to learn a true form of self-defense, and not a sport.


IV April 26, 2015

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I would like to thank David Kahn for bringing Israeli Krav Maga to the United States, most importantly New Jersey; Don Melnick of the Cherry Hill training center, for his professional training and friendship; The IKMA Instructors for their dedication, professionalism and the ability to make you feel at home. The instructors make it their mission to know each student and their first names!

I have been training in Krav Maga since Sept. 2011. I truly love this fighting system and believe this is the most realistic system in the world. I have trained in three other Marital Arts and Krav Maga is by far the most Realistic street usable martial art.

I highly recommend the Krav Maga to every man, woman and child regardless of size or shape, who are interested in real life self-defense or building their self confidence.

Again thank you David, Don and the entire IKMA staff!


JT April 26, 2015

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I have been a student at the Israeli Krav Maga Training Center in Cherry Hill for about a year and a half. I started my older son in the Junior Krav Maga program for kids about 6 months ago, just before his 7th birthday.

My younger son who is 4-years old comes with us to the kids’ class…sometimes he watches the older kids train, and sometimes he plays in the back.

Recently both boys were at a local playground where a much bigger boy, maybe a large 10-year old, was picking on the smaller children by teasing them, pushing them, a generally coaxing them into games where he could be a little too rough and hurt them “by accident.” This boy waited until my 3’3”, 34 lb, 4-year old was out of the immediate rescue range of an adult, walked up to him, and had a verbal exchange.

The adult in charge, who had kept an eye on the bully, immediately began moving toward the boys to intervene. Before he reached them, my son stepped back with one foot, bladed his body, brought his open rear hand up to his rear cheek and his front hand in front of his front cheek clenched into a fist. (This is not a perfect fighting stance or educational defense, but, as Don says, there are no style points in Krav.)

The bully immediately turned and ran off, presumably in search of an easier target.


Sarah April 26, 2015