The Junior Krav Maga program effectively teaches children, ages 7-12, self-defense and anti-bullying techniques. The curriculum is designed to help motivate children through exercise, beginner conditioning drills, and personal safety education (i.e. verbal de-escalation training). The objective of the class is to build the child’s discipline and self-esteem. Introducing children to the dedication, discipline, and motivation required to be successful martial artists will have a direct and positive impact on any other future endeavourers. Students will build a strong foundation in Krav Maga as they are introduced to basic blocks, the proper use of measured force counter-attacks, hold escapes, groundwork, street safety tips, anti-bullying tactics and awareness strategies.

Students will also be introduced to practical and effective fitness drills and general health and well-being tips. We believe that having a strong foundation of skill sets as a child leads to empowerment and confidence in any endeavor the child wishes to pursue.

Junior Krav Maga classes are offered at the Cherry Hill Training Center on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 4:30–5:15p.

For more information, please contact Don Melnick:  856-428-5728 or don@israelikrav.com

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