High School / College Student Self-Defense Training Program 

Our specialized High School / College Self-Defense training has been designed to prepare students both physically and mentally, to react and defend themselves if ever put in a life threatening situation.  The training will cover a wide variety of scenarios both on and off campus. We teach the most effective, street proven self-defense techniques such as: releases from grabs, chokes and bear hugs, striking defenses, weapon disarming and ground / sexual assault survival techniques. Emphasis is placed on being able to defend yourself under stress – eliminating the “shutting down and freezing” reaction.

Krav Maga training is designed for men & women of all ages, sizes and physical abilities, and will provide you with the tools to fend off a would-be attacker, while feeling safe, secure and empowered in your everyday life.

Our instructors are available to run seminars at our training centers, or we can travel off-site to teach at your school.

Some schools & organizations that we have worked with include:

* Rowan University
* Lehigh University
* Rutgers University
* University of Delaware
* Temple University
* Gloucester County College
* Cooper Medical School of Rowan University

* Cherry Hill High School East
* Cherry Hill High School West
* Sterling High School
* Polytech High School (Delaware)

* Alpha Epsilon Pi International Fraternity
* Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority

For more information please contact Don Melnick: 856-428-5728 or don@israelikrav.com